Early Bird Winter CSA, Membership Open


The sunflowers, beautiful as they are, signal it’s time to be thinking about Winter.

Wait, what?

Though our bodies just experienced a heat wave, and we’re happily drowning in sunflowers, our minds are fixated on Fall and Winter. As a year-round market farmer, we’re constantly thinking six months ahead. Plans are slowly being rearranged and falling into place. The key to a plentiful Winter harvest is timing. As we move away from the Summer solstice, the day length shortens, and crops take longer to mature, eventually hitting a period of little to no growth when the day length falls below 10 hours. Crops seeded just a week late may take an additional three weeks to be ready for market, or may not make it at all. We’ll be preparing ground in the coming days for our first successions of greens and roots, and our first cole crop seedlings have sprouted in the greenhouse for veg we’ll be harvesting in the depths of Winter.

Even through the successes and failures of Summer—and it ain’t over yet—our hope is replenished with the prospect of a new season. I can’t help but think…


“There is a kind of idealism that seems to be native to farming. Farmers begin every year with a vision of perfection. And every year, in the course of the seasons and the work, this vision is relentlessly whittled down to a real result–by human frailty and fallibility, by the mortality of creatures, by pests and diseases, by the weather. The crop year is a long struggle, ended invariably not by the desired perfection but by the need to accept something less than perfection as the best that could be done.” [From Tobacco Harvest: An Elegy, Wendell Berry

… here we are, again, and at the beginning of each new season I find some hope in it. It may only be the fourth time I’ve shared the quote with y’all, but I don’t think there is a more true quote about farming.

Along with our plans, our preparation, and our planting, we’re growing our CSA and opening our membership for Fall/Winter CSA!

StoneHouse Winter CSA

Our CSA is a traditional share, meaning the farmers get to choose what goes in the box each week. In short, members pay, or commit to pay, for the season ahead, since most of the expenses of farming come well before the first harvest of the season. In return, we provide our members with a half-bushel box of the best from the farm, about five to seven veg, each week throughout the season. The Winter season begins the first week of November and continues through April, with two weeks off in December/January for the holidays (heavy shares the weeks before Thanksgiving and the holiday break).


There are a few “box rules” we do our best to follow every week:

  • Lettuce and carrots each week, when available

  • At lest one additional green and/or root crop

  • One storage crop (butternut, sweet potato, cabbage, etc.)

  • At least one allium (scallion, leek, onion, or garlic)

  • Simple, easy-to-use, approachable veg

A sample box might be: lettuce mix, a bunch of kale, a bag of spinach, a pound of carrots, a butternut squash, and two onions.

Here is a list of what we’ll have in the shares throughout the Winter: arugula, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, canned tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, collards, fennel, garlic, mixed greens, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, microgreens, onions^, potatoes, radishes, spinach, sweet potatoes^, scallions, Swiss chard, turnips, & Winter squash^.
(^ veg we buy-in from other local growers)

Here’s a quick quiz—created by a different farm—to gauge whether you may, or may not, be a good fit for the CSA model. It’s definitely worth checking out if your interested.

Become an “Early Bird” Member

Membership in our CSA costs $540 for the full six-month season, due before the beginning of the season, or to be made in monthly installments of $90 on/before the first pick-up of the month. For new members, we ask for the first month in advance to reserve your share. If you become a member in August and pay in full, we’ll give you a $40 early bird discount. First priority is given to current CSA members (please, RSVP ASAP so we know how many shares are available for new members). To join our CSA, or if you have any questions, click the button below and send us a message. Be sure to include your desired pick-up location.

CSA Drop Locations

1069 Mount Union Rd
Scottsville, KY
Tuesdays, 2p to 6p

Community Farmers Market
2319 Nashville Rd
Bowling Green, KY
Tuesdays 2p to 6p & Saturdays 8a to 1p

The Meeting House (w/ River Cottage Farm)
530 26th Avenue North
Nashville, TN
Wednesdays 11:30am to 12noon

Next Week’s StoneHoue CSA

For current CSA folks, here’s what you can expect in the share next week:

  • Tomatoes (slicer, heirloom, & pint of cherry)

  • Peppers (mixed sweet & a few poblanos)

  • Eggplant (Italian or Chinese

  • More potatoes

  • Green (& purple) beans

  • Some sort of allium (onion or scallion)

Here’s a breakdown of what, exactly, the eggplant is, what it’s good for, and a list of proven delicious ideas/recipes for cooking it.