STONEHOUSE MARKET FARM (formerly known as Think Little CSA) rests on less than ten acres in Scottsville, south-central KY. The farm is small… and we intend to stay small. Our aim is to sustainably grow a diversity of veg and protein, but as little as possible to provide a good livelihood for our family, keep it as close to home as possible, and leave room for other aspiring farmers to do the same. On our farm, we explore innovative small-scale methods (see Proud of…) to improve our profitability, the soil on our farm, and our quality of life. Follow us as we learn, grow, and live our farmlife.


the farmers & our story

We—Jackson and Jordan Rolett—are first-generation, beginning farmers. Our farm story began by veraciously reading the work of Wendell Berry, volunteering for Community Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, and spending our free time at Need More Acres Farm. Over the next several years, we dedicated more and more time to the farm and the farmers market where we learned how to grow veg and local farm economies respectively, assumed several roles within organizations moving local food access forward in our own town as well as across the state, began a CSA of our own, had two children, and moved our farm three times. In 2018, we were finally bought a farm, Stonehouse, and put down some real roots.

proud of how we grow

We grow thirty+ vegetables, year-round, on just one acre—43,560 square feet—using bio-intensive no-till methods. Simply, we grow as much as we are able in the smallest area without tilling the soil. Here are some basic principles we follow:

  1. It has to be profitable. If it’s not profitable, it’s not farming.

  2. Disturb the soil as little as possible.

  3. Keep the soil covered as much as possible.

  4. Keep the soil planted as often as possible.

Along with generous amounts of compost, we can dramatically improve our soil and do most of the work with human-scale tools (no tractor? no problem). To learn more about how—and why—we do what we do, check out our side-project No-Till Growers.



“Eating is an agricultural act.” -Wendell Berry

Real change in agriculture, we believe, begins in the kitchen. What we choose to eat will have the greatest impact on not only what is produced, but also how it is produced. Our CSA—a weekly box of about 7 approachable fruits & vegetables—is designed to get more people cooking meals at home, where the greatest impact costs the least. We hope, as well, it builds cooking skill and confidence and brings more families and friends around the dining table. You can find us at Community Farmers Market in Bowling Green, KY every Saturday from 8a to 1p & Tuesday from 2p to 6p.

  • CSA signup for may/oct opens feb 1st